Amanda Ceglowski

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to parents/guardians who enrol their children for Amanda Ceglowski’s tuition.

Attendance and Absenteeism

Learners who miss lessons without excusing themselves, or who have not been excused by their parents/guardians, at least 24 hours beforehand, will be charged for those lessons. This condition will be waived in the case of sudden illness or an accident. If a learner is unable to make a given lesson, owing to a school or an extra-curricular commitment, and has excused himself/herself, the onus is on the parent/guardian/learner to make up that lesson at a time that suits both the teacher and the learner.

Should Amanda have to miss a lesson for a valid reason, another provision will be made to accommodate the learner/s in question at a mutually agreed time.

Payment Options

  • Payment may be made per lesson on a cash basis, by arrangement.
  • Payment may be made monthly in advance.
  • Payment may be made at the beginning of any given term, in advance.

Please make your payment option clear on enrolment. Payment details will be provided accordingly.

Should a payment be two or more weeks overdue after the issuing of an invoice, future services will be withdrawn.

Notice Period

One full school term’s notice of the termination of tuition is required.


Discourteous or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. Any learner who does not behave acceptably on the premises will be asked to leave.


Fee Structure (2023)

  • Individual tuition: R425 per 45 minute lesson; or R400 per lesson if the learner attends three or more lessons per week. (R280 per half hour.)
  • Group tuition: R320 per 45 minute lesson per learner in a group of 3, or R330 in a group of 2.

Amanda Ceglowski reserves the right to amend the fee structure. Should this happen, a term’s notice will be issued to all parents/guardians.

Parent/Teacher Liaison

Amanda may be reached by telephone, email or at to discuss your child’s progress. You are also welcome to make an appointment to do so in person, and, in this event, a consultation fee of R400 per 45 minutes will be charged. parents/guardians are encouraged to be an integral part of the process of learning and improving skills. As a qualified counsellor, I am also available to counsel both learners and parents/guardians who would like to avail themselves of this service. A fee of R500 per hour will be charged.

Tuition Options

  • Individual tuition: this option is available for learners who experience difficulties in a group context, or who require intensive intervention. The duration of the lesson depends on the age/competence/concentration levels of the learner. Extended lessons are only available if time permits.
  • Group tuition: this option suits learners at a senior primary/senior school level who are working on the same syllabus or who have the same needs.
  • Holiday tuition: this is sometimes available during the (September/October) vacation. It is especially necessary for those matriculation learners who require additional support. ● Weekend tuition: this provision is available during the May/June examinations, Matriculation trials and before the November examinations for grades 11 and 12.


Amanda is qualified to teach the following up to and including the Grade 12 level: English, Afrikaans, History, Speech & Drama.

In addition, Amanda has experience teaching Art theory, as well as sections of the Geography, LO, Life Sciences, Business Studies and Consumer Studies syllabuses up to and including the grade 12 level. Core Mathematics, Accounting or Science (Physics/Chemistry) are not offered at a senior level. Amanda is qualified to teach all subjects at a Junior/Senior Primary level.

Amanda is also available to tutor English at university level, having lectured in the English department at Natal University (Pietermaritzburg).


Amanda has a post-graduate degree (3yrs) in Special Needs/Inclusion, and has specialised in the following areas:

  • Teaching English/Afrikaans as a second language
  • Counselling parents/guardians/children
  • Behavioural/emotional disorders
  • Giftedness
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive/Hypoactive Disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Designing individual learning programmes
  • Study skills
  • Underachievement at school.


By enrolling a learner for lessons with Amanda Ceglowski, you declare that you have read this document in full and agree to be bound by the terms contained herein.

Amanda Ceglowski Remedial Therapist (BA H ED; HONS [LANG & LIT] HONS B ED [Special Needs/Inclusion])

Member of NAPTOSA & SACE (South African Council of Educators)